Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Streakk Token

Welcome to Streakk. This article is about the Streakk Wallet app and Streakk Nodes. A wallet is a digital purse for storing cryptocurrencies. In this article, you will learn about the advantages of using a Streakk Node.

The founder of Streakk Wallet is Suki Chen. The company has 2 offices in Singapore and Dubai.

Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Streakk Token Founder and CEO Suki Chen

Streakk Wallet app solves these problems with the latest and most advanced technology:

To solve a problem, it must first be identified. Streakk has set out to change the following.

Currently, there are over 1 billion Dollars in cryptocurrencies sitting unused on exchanges or wallets. 
Those who want to stake cryptocurrencies on centralized exchanges are taking a big risk.
In order to earn rewards, coins must be staked for a specific period of time.
Decentralized staking requires technical knowledge and a lot of time.
For these 4 problems Streakk offers a solution. Anyone can download the Streakk Wallet app for free from Google Play and the App Store. After doing so, you need to install the app and secure the 12 words well. In case your phone breaks, you can restore your wallet at any time. At the same time, these 12 words are your private key, so no one can touch your cryptos and the whole thing is decentralized. Download the Streakk Wallet app here.

After you have transferred cryptocurrencies to your wallet or inserted your existing private key from another wallet, the non custodial staking begins and you receive rewards 1 time per week. The advantage over exchanges and other staking providers such as Trust Wallet is especially in 2 aspects. Firstly, you can transfer your coins away at any time and secondly, your cryptocurrencies never leave your wallet.

Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Integrated Node Cluster Technologie

Now the Streakk technology is involved. It is called Integrated Node Cluster (INC). In the previous staking process, each user has to take care of the provider ( validator ) himself. Of course, one takes the provider who pays the most rewards. But the amount of rewards depends on the managed assets of the particular validator. For example, if a validator manages 100 million dollars and the next day 50% of it is deducted from his assigned pool, the rewards will of course also decrease. Because you had to agree on a staking time, you could not change the pool. This is where the Streakk technology comes in. It allocates all cryptocurrencies stored on all Streakk wallet apps daily to the pool that pays out the most rewards.

Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Integrated Node Cluster Technology makes Streakk Wallet the best wallet in the world.
Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Streakk Token — Latest Integrated Node Cluster Technology

At the moment, there are corresponding rewards on the following cryptocurrencies.

Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Earn up to 20% a year on your cryptos in your wallet without ever giving them away.
Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Streakk Token — Possible passive returns from Non Custodial Staking up to 28% per year.

In the further course, more than 20 blockchains will be connected and the staking offer will be constantly expanded.

Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Streakk Token

In summary, use your existing cryptocurrencies to generate rewards with daily availability and 100% decentralization. The second project is the Streakk Nodes. You can participate in a Streakk Node with an amount from $100 to $200,000. If you choose to do so, you will get 3 exclusive benefits.

You will get additional percentages on your rewards in the Streakk Wallet explained above. On the next picture you can see the disribution. The pledge is valid for 7 years.

Streakk Node Bonus Rewards on your Streakk Wallet App

You will receive the equivalent of the purchase price in Streakk Tokens (STKK) in your back office on the day you buy your Streakk Node. Example: You buy a Streakk Node for 5000$ and the Streakk Token price is at that moment at even 100$, then you would get 50 STKK Tokens. These tokens are frozen for 100 weeks and after that you can use them for any purpose.

No matter which Streakk node you choose, you will always get 2% a week for 100 weeks. This 2% will be displayed in dollars daily in the backoffice. If you decide to cash out (which is possible at any time), you will receive the dollar value in Streakk tokens on a daily rate. Now you have 3 options. First, you can sell the Streakk tokens directly (currently at L’Bank or Pancakeswap) or you speculate on a higher price in the future and hold the tokens in the back office or directly at the exchange. The third option is to transfer the tokens directly to your Streakk wallet and receive more Staking Rewards there.

Streakk Wallet App – Streakk Token – 2% daily in STKK Token

Since you get 2% for 100 weeks, you not only get your purchase price back, but doubled. On top of that, after the 100 weeks, you also get the Streakk tokens you got when you bought the node. Assuming the price would not change in the next 100 weeks, you would have tripled your purchase price. In total there are 10 million Streakk Tokens. You can read about it at Coinmarketcap or Coingecko, among others. 50% of these tokens are set aside for Streakk Nodes rewards. Since no tokens can be “reprinted” the sale of Streakk Nodes is finite. No matter how the price develops, at some point the 5 million tokens will be spent. Since no one can predict the price, it is also impossible to predict the end of Streakk Node sales. That’s why you shouldn’t wait too long if you want to have such a node.

Streakk Wallet App — Commission plan for those who want to recommend Streakk Node to others

For those who want to recommend the whole thing there is also a lucrative commission plan.

You get a referral commission on a maximum of 15 levels. To unlock a level you need one direct partner with one active Streakk node each, the size of the node does not matter. You can see the exact distribution on the next graphic.

Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Earn up to 20% a year on your cryptos in your wallet without ever giving them away — Unilevel Plan 15 levels.
Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Streakk Token — Lucrative commission plan over 15 levels.

For reaching different ranks you will get additional bonuses. All commissions are paid in USDT. To reach the different ranks there is a 40% condition. This means that a maximum of 40% of the sales from one line will be taken into account for the calculation. The achieved team sales are cumulated for the calculation of the ranks. There is no time limit and you don’t have to confirm a once achieved rank.

Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Earn up to 20% a year on your cryptos in your wallet without ever giving them away — Rank Royalty Bonus.
Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Streakk Token — Rank Royalty Bonus

The third income option is a global pool into which 10% of the worldwide company sales are poured. Once you reach the Sapphire25 level, you will receive an additional lifetime passive income. The next ranks for this exclusive pool are Diamond, Crown Diamond and Vice President. The higher the rank, the more revenue you have to generate. As higher ranks are reached by fewer and fewer affiliates, you will of course have to share with fewer affiliates in the higher ranks.

Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Earn up to 20% a year on your cryptos in your wallet without ever letting them out of your hand — global lifetime pool.
Streakk Wallet App — Streakk Node — Streakk Token — Global Lifetime Pool

Summary of the Streakk Wallet App and the Streakk Nodes

If you own cryptocurrencies that don’t currently bring you any returns, you can put them on the decentralized Streakk wallet to generate weekly returns. If you want to increase these returns, you need a Streakk Node. As described above, the purchase price will at least double and you will also receive the bonus tokens. If you are completely new to the crypto world, the easiest way is to buy a node and just let it run. Apart from that, it is true for all of them that the nodes bring more than the rewards on the wallet when you look at it mathematically. 
If you want to watch the whole thing again as a presentation, click here

For all those who want to start together with us, we have developed the Streakk marketing tool. There you will find free landing pages in German and English (at the moment), as well as further information about Streakk Wallet and Streakk Node. For all questions there is an english/german support and news channel.